...My inspirations

I was lucky to learn and get inspired with such masters as: Carlo Zvirynsky, Liubomyr Medvid, Alfred Maximienko.

At the academy I studied clothing modeling, drawing, 
painting, composition,sculpture, theory and history of art
and color.

My work is based on Ukrainian traditions,I managed to create my own style, which has been popular and recognizable in Ukraine and abroad for many years. These are jewelry, from tiny charms, charm bracelets to solid corals and pendants In a wide range there is a place for products in the animalistic style - pendants and beads in the form of cats, fish, owls and elephants

... Interior decorations

Ceramic panels occupy a special place in my work- floral 
and oriental motifs resonate with abstractcompositions,
creating a unique mood in theinterior of a person
who dared to buy them ...